Meet our Founder

Buzz Dr. C. R. (Buzz) Canup is the founder and President of Canup & Associates, Inc. He has extensive background and experience working with world class corporations on a global basis. Dr. Canup has assisted major international and domestic companies in performing site location studies, incentives negotiations, property acquisition, construction management, and project implementation. The types of projects have included, but have not been limited to: headquarters operations, research and development, manufacturing, high technology, warehousing and distribution, and other operating facilities. Dr. Canup has provided the leadership and guidance for developing customized business strategies, methods, and processes, based on individual company needs and priorities, to assist his clients in making sound business decisions based on analytical research and information.

His experience includes all phases of a clientís project from start to finish, including: feasibility analysis, strategic planning, strategy development, site location studies, incentives negotiations, property acquisition, permitting and zoning, engineering and construction, workforce recruitment and development, start-up operations, and maintenance. His background and experience also crosses several complementary fields of expertise, including: site location studies, economic development consulting, marketing and business development, human resource development, and personnel management. His previous experience in college administration and in military intelligence provides additional insight and expertise.

Dr. Canup brings a unique perspective to his clients and customers. He has been lead consultant representing private business and industry in performing major site location studies, and he has been lead consultant working with states and communities to recruit private business and industry to their location, a new service referred to as ďReverse ConsultingĒ (see Reverse Consulting under Services). Buzz was contracted by a state to assist in recruiting an automotive assembly plant to their location, and has since been contracted by other states and communities to assist them in developing strategies and recruiting mega-projects. Reverse Consulting services include: development of recruitment strategies, defining mega-project site and infrastructure development needs, creating incentive strategies, developing proposals, coordinating with state and local leadership, and performing lead negotiations on behalf of the state and community.

Additionally, Dr. Canup is the only site location consultant that has managed and directed project implementation for both private industry and for public entities after the location decision had been made. By way of example, he was engaged by one of his private sector clients (after completing their site location study) to assist in planning, coordinating and managing a consolidation and relocation of several operations, including closing two manufacturing plants, building a new manufacturing plant, consolidating an R&D operation with the new manufacturing plant, and moving the headquarters operation to the new location. Representing the public sector, he was contracted by the State of Mississippi to manage, direct, and implement all of the incentives and commitments the state made to Nissan during the recruitment process. Commitments were initially over $300 million in state, federal, and local funds, and subsequently grew to over $400 million with the announcement of Nissanís Phase II.

Before forming Canup & Associates, Dr. Canup spent nearly twenty years with Fluor Corporation in various executive positions, including Managing Principal of Global Location Services, the site selection and economic development consulting arm of the company. He has also held executive level positions with various other organizations, both public and private.

Buzz is frequently asked to make presentations at national and regional conferences and workshops (see the section on Speaking and Presentations within this web site for additional information). Dr. Canup is quoted frequently in both national and regional news print and magazines, and has published several articles in economic development magazines (See Articles and Quotes for samples).

He received his Bachelorís and Masterís degree from Clemson University, and holds a Doctorate from North Carolina State University.



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